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Call charge changes in September

Oliver Bouckley shared this question 1 month ago

I might have looked in the wrong place, but I can't see what the current charges are so I have no idea how much the charges are being increased by. Can you help?

Thanks in advance

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The increase is from 13th September but the email was to all customers and could not be specific to compare against current rates as these depend when you joined.

The daytime rate depends on when you joined as this has changed over time but customers have always retained their rate, this varied from 0.6-0.9p, which is increasing to 1.47p

The evening rate has always been 0.8p and will increase to 0.82p

The weekend rate has always been 0.7p and will increase to 0.82p

Our costs have increased around 9 times over the last few years and due to reaching a point which we can no longer just absorb, we have to increase the costs by the same margin that ours have increased for all. Some calls to date have been at a loss to us to simply try and keep costs the same.


Thanks for the clarification...