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Status notification confirmation HTTP 400 errors

George Brighton shared this problem 3 years ago

This is really two issues:

- If I've already acknowledged a status notification subscription by clicking the link in the confirmation email, clicking it again will show an HTTP 400 error. This suggests a problem with the HTTP request itself (i.e. a malformed stream) rather than human error. I think a 200 response with a friendly "You're already subscribed to this type of notification" message (and maybe even an unsubscribe link) would be sufficient.

- I found out the above after I subscribed to several categories of updates ("General", "Pro, Pro Advanced and Talk Surf" and some core services) and received identical confirmation emails (down to the confirmation URL) for each one. I think it's reasonable to only ask people to confirm the first type of notification, and immediately enrol the same email address for subsequent types without checking.


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Thanks for the feedback.

We use an opensource status page so have fed these back as potential issues/improvements. For now, it does not affect the general usage of the service but appreciate how it could be confusing.