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Router slows right down

Peter Maggs shared this question 21 months ago

I use a TG589vn v3 router with BT Whole Home wifi. Most of the time all is well, and I get speeds of between 30 and 70+ MBs via wifi. Every two or three weeks, router speed slows right down to around 200kBs. A hard reset restores the status quo, but I suspect that the router is slowly dying.

My experience over the last ten years is that routers last two or three years and then have to be replaced. Can anyone suggest a good, reliable router for use with the BT Whole Home system?

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The milage of routers can vary and there isn't a guarantee that any recommendation will last longer.

We see the devices that we offer are generally very good runners ( and I personally have two ZyXELs that have been in operation since they were available without issue which must be coming up to three years now.

It would be worth testing your router on its own to see if the issue occurs then or if something else is happening.