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Fibre to cabinet distance

Julian Waddell shared this question 1 year ago

My local exchange is being upgraded to fibre. I have spoken with a few of the engineers over the past couple of months. The exchange is rural and is Exchange Only (Torranyard exchange code WSTOR). I was speaking to one of the engineers today about the cabinet. He said there was only one cabinet and it was at the exchange. This is 1635 meters away. As far as im aware the maximum distance is 1500 meters which gives speeds of 15 Mbp Down and 4 Mbps Up. Im presently get 8Mbps on ADSL Max. I live in Scotland and the Scottish government have Universal Service Obligation of 30Mbps (Westminster is also discussing this). It seems unlikely that I will get anywhere near 30Mbps with the set up BT have at present (obviously penny pinched to the maximum us usual). While there is still no Ready For Service date I wonder if you can offer any insights to what might happen or what I will need to do to sort out BT?

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There isn't a maximum distance on fibre - there are some customers that will have slower speeds than you have quoted but these are an improvement over their ADSL service.

If there is a USO of 30Mb, if anything like what has been proposed in England, whilst that is the case, it does not just fall to Openreach to provide. It is likely to include other networks and technologies.

Openreach may decide to build a cabinet closer to certain properties that are just too far from their existing one but they generally don't disclose these plans well ahead of time.

It is likely you'll get speeds on the cabinet as they are from the first day but that may change over time but don't expect that to be a fast process, or a guaranteed one (via Openreach). You may have to ask your local council/Government if there are any subsidies like Welsh Government offer for those too far from a cabinet or at the furthest reaches of a service.


Hi Matt,

I have an update. Fibre is now available to order. Speed estimates on the main site are 3.2 - 13.1Mb Down and

0.50 - 1.2Mb Up. I have to say there is little point in upgrading to fibre with such minimal gains in performance over my 8Mb ADSL.

I have heard of Fibre to the Premises on Demand and wonder if you guys do this and what sort of costs / performance gain would be available?


FTTPoD is something Openreach have offered on and off but due to the complexities and issues when originally rolled out, we decided not to offer it.

You may find that Openreach add another AIO cabinet nearer to you in the future for FTTC but there is no way to predict that.