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Do you have any info on G.Fast such as availability and prices?

Tim Leonard shared this question 22 months ago

With all the talk of Openreach starting a commercial roll out of G.Fast I was wondering if Uno will be offering products on G.Fast and what pricing might be.

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We will be offering products but it's a bit early to be able to confirm pricing (or contractual requirements), or any other availability information.

Once the product becomes fully live with Openreach (outside of trials), that will change.


Matt do they intend to roll out nationally eventually?

Will be a way of extending life of copper lines usefulness perhaps; with fibre take up, increasing usage of mobiles for telephony, those BT copper lines could become unsustainable in the not too distant future.


They probably intend to cover anywhere that has FTTC currently but we just don't know i'm afraid.

There could be technical reasons why they cannot, such as not having enough room on existing cabinets for the extension that is used for the service.