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CID issue on my phone (broadband related supposedly)

Michael Owen shared this problem 2 years ago

While this problem is phone related, it would "appear" that the route cause, is my Broadband connection.

Basically, a few weeks ago, I lost "caller ID (CID)" on my home phone. Though it still activated (I've checked).

After doing as much investigation and checking myself (see contents of posts pointed to below). I went on the community forum and posted a query about this.

See. Post:

What they appear to be saying, is that the information that is transmitted down the phone line (between first and second ring) is getting corrupted and are pointing the finger at the broadband connection at the exchange. And are further suggesting that a "lift and shift" is probably the only way to solve this. The Admin there would have been willing to try and progress this for me, if I had my broadband with BT. But as I have partial LLU with you guys, they obviously can't do anything.

Anyone from Uno able to shed any light on this? and/or help.

Thanks in advance.

PS. Obviously no real point in me trying to speak to BT myself. As trying to explain this to then will probably be pretty difficult.

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Not one we've heard of before but as you've got SMPF, trying to get a lift and shift done prior to an engineer visit is often near impossible. BT Wholesale also push for an engineer visit before they're willing to entertain this.

The only exception is if there is a clear fault which is usually not the case (when something requires a lift)

You'll need to raise this with us normally via the portal, we can then raise the fault but unless a clear fault is detected on the broadband side, an engineer visit would be offered and normal process thereafter.


Thanks for the prompt reply Matt. I sort of assumed this might not be straight forward.

I'll raise this via the portal then and see how it goes. At least they can see if there is an obvious fault.

Though if BT has to get involved, I have very little confidence that anything will get sorted. I have had very bad experiences in the past with engineer visits trying to even sort very basic line faults. One time I even had to point out the rather obvious split / degraded lead cable (yes ... the house is that old) on "their" side, to an engineer. By all accounts he had never seem lead coated telephone cable like this.

Thanks again.

PS. If you GOOGLE "Caller ID stopped working" (should you be bored) there are a fair few examples of this problem. And the finger seems to quite often get pointed at the Broadband side. Though it's not always the problem. Sometimes the fault does end up elsewhere. For example: