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Allow export of bandwidth usage

George Brighton shared this idea 3 years ago

The customer portal currently allows viewing historical bandwidth usage by hour for the previous 24 hours, by day for the current month, and by month for the current year. It would be useful to have access to historical usage at the same level of granularity as the last 24 hours.

I envisage being able to download a CSV file with timestamp, bytes downloaded and bytes uploaded columns, e.g. "2016-08-22T10:00:00Z,24256344213,438593894". This could then be imported into Excel or Elasticsearch for analysis beyond what the portal could reasonably be expected to provide.

To prevent retrieving years of history when it is not required, the script that generates these files could be exposed as an API and accept date ranges, or even a single date and hour as input.

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We've added internal tasks T567 for bandwidth data and T568 for calls data for customers with a phone service as export on both would be useful.

No firm date can be provided for when this will be possible but it is in our task system internally.