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Why have I been charged before my service is live?

All services that we provide are billed in advance, except for any calls made on services which are billed in arrears.

On an initial order, the invoice will state a period of service from the point of order. This is done for accounting reasons but your payment is allocated the service once it has been confirmed as active by the wholesale network.

For the example of a monthly billed service. You signup on 1st of January with an activation date of 17th January. Your first invoice will show the first billing period as from 1st January. On 17th January your service is confirmed as active by the wholesale network and your billing dates are updated accordingly and can be seen in the portal. Your next invoice will be due for 17th February and then the 17th of each month thereafter.

Only once your service is activated will the next billing date in the portal be updated to reflect the same date.

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