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Thomson - TG585 - ADSL - Routed

This article outlines the steps that are needed to setup your Thomson TG585 using ADSL with a Routed IP.

1. First of all, you need to connect your router to your phone line and the power. Once plugged in, wait for the router's lights to turn on.

2. Connect your device to the router. This could be done by either:

  • Connecting an ethernet cable to a computer
  • Connecting to the wireless network

The network SSID and password are supplied with the router.

If you are connecting via ethernet, skip ahead to step 5.

3. Connect to the wireless network.

4. Enter the "Wireless Key" that is shown on the card supplied with the router.

5. Open up a web browser on your connected device. You should see a page asking you to enter the login credentials.

These details are supplied with the router:
Username: admin
Password: (leave blank)

You should now see a page entitled "Setup my Thomson Gateway". If for some reason you do not see this, simply type the router's IP into the address bar of your browser.

Router's default IP address:

6. Click "Setup my Thomson Gateway".

If you aren't met with this page, click on "Thomson Gateway" in the left hand menu, followed by "Setup my Thomson Gateway".

7. Click "Next".

8. Choose "Data(Custom)" in the "Select a Service" menu. Click "Next".

9. Select "Independent Router IP" and click "Next".

10. The router addressing information should be entered as follows.

11. Make sure that DHCP is enabled and enter the first and last DHCP addresses.

12. You now have the option to enable firewall protection to the public addresses.

13. Enter your broadband connection username and password. Select "PPPoA" as the "Connection Type" and "0.38" as the "VPI/VCI". Click "Next".

If you are unsure of your username and password, these were provided in your welcome email.

14. You are now given the option to change the wireless settings.

Enter a new SSID or Preshared Key if you would like to. Otherwise leave these as defaults and proceed by clicking "Next".

15. The next page is an overview of the configuration. Click on "Start" to begin the setup.

16. Your router is now being configured.

17. Once the process has completed, you will be presented with this screen:

18. Click on "Finish" and your Technicolor TG585 will be configured for ADSL using a Routed IP.

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