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Sharedband Power Router Pro - NAT

This article will show you how to setup a Sharedband Power Router Pro with Dual ADSL2+ from factory defaults using NAT.

Firstly, connect the router up to the phone lines and a computer. Open up a web browser and navigate to

The username is admin and the password is Bonding123

On the left hand menu, click on Settings and then LAN Settings.

The Router LAN IP Address should be changed to 10.0.3.x (x is the router number, so for the first router, for the second and so on).

Click on Save and Reboot.

When the router has restarted, you will need to navigate to 10.0.3.x in your web browser and enter the username and password once again.

Now that you are logged in, click on Settings again and then Change Password. The new password should be un0bond1ng.

Now you can enter your WAN connection details, by clicking on Settings and then WAN Settings.

Enter your broadband username and password, using a PPPoA connection. The VPI and VCI should be 0 and 38 respectively.

WAN MTU is 1492. Repeat this process for your second phone line in ADSL1 from the Settings menu.

The final step is to go back to Settings and select Sharedband Service Configuration.

Enter your provided username and password, along with the Community ID number, the node identifier and the Aggregation server IP address. Click on Save and Reboot.

For any additional routers, the process is exactly the same. The only change is each router has a different LAN IP address.

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