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Netgear Generic Guide

In this article learn how to configure a generic Netgear router for ADSL.

Firstly, connect your router and turn on the power (refer to the router's instruction manual for more information on doing this).

If you are using a wired connection, proceed to the setup wizard. However, if you prefer a wireless connection, make sure the wireless light on showing as on, on the router. Then connect to the wireless network name as stated on the card or bottom of the router, e.g. NETGEAR62.

When asked for a password or wireless key, enter the password as shown on the same card or on the bottom of the router itself.

Next, if you open a web browser and navigate to The default username is "admin" and the password will either be "1234", "password" or just left blank.

Now you will see a page showing the start of the setup guide.

Usually, the Smart Setup Wizard will be able to detect the connection type but in the event this doesn't work, manually configure the router.

Proceed by using the username and password provided in the welcome email you received and get the DNS settings automatically from the ISP. Click on Test to check the broadband connection is active.

If you would like to change the name or password of the wireless network you can do so by clicking on the Wireless Settings link on the left hand menu.

The network name is the SSID and WPA-PSK is the recommended security.

Finally, a new password, to access the router"s configuration, can be entered by clicking Set Password on the left hand menu.

Your broadband connection should now be working. 

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