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Monitoring Bandwidth on Windows - ttbMeter

If you have a metered internet connection, you will want to keep track of how much of your monthly data allowance has been used. This can sometimes be hard to do, if you have multiple devices on your network and everyone is using the data. To determine how much you have used yourself, you can use tbbMeter.

1. Open up a web browser and navigate to

2. Click on the link to the downloads page.

3. When it has downloaded, follow the install wizard to install the program.

4. The first time you open ttbMeter, you have a 2000MB quota.

5. The graph displays the download speed on the y axis and download activity is shown as a green line graph.

6. The accurate download speed can be seen in the green column on the left.

7. The totals for the day can be viewed by clicking the Quota info on the bottom.

8. Click on the Menu to view more options. You can choose which type of traffic you would like to display.

9. The user options allow you to configure the visual appearance of ttbMeter.

10. If you click on Quota Settings, you can input your monthly allowance.

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