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Monitoring Bandwidth on Windows - DU Meter

DU meter is a piece of paid software that allows Windows users to accurately view, manage and control their internet usage. If you have a metered internet connection, i.e. a data usage limit, it can be very hard to accurately gauge how much of your allowance has been used, especially if you have multiple devices on the network. DU meter allows users to set a data cap, to ensure no unwanted charges for additional data. You are able to view detailed information, in real time, as to what your internet connection is doing. Furthermore, you can also monitor general network usage, however, this could lead to confusion if the reason you want to watch your data is to avoid extra charges.

1. Firstly, navigate to the DU meter webpage:

You can choose to either pay for a licence or download and use the free trial.

2. Now click on the download link.

3. Once downloaded, begin the install wizard.

4. During the install wizard, you also setup how you would like DU meter to monitor your connections. You have the option to select what kind of network traffic is monitored. Network traffic to and from the internet only is what to choose if you are monitoring your data usage.

5. On the next page, the graphical visualisation is explained.

6. Choose what your monthly allowance should be for that computer.

7. On the next screen, DU meter provides the option to sign up for a DU meter account. This is because if you have more than one computer that you need to monitor, you can install DU meter on them all and your DU meter account will aggregate the data together. This makes the monitoring so much more pain free if you are trying to track the data usage on more than one computer.

8. Once DU meter has been installed and setup, open it up to begin monitoring.

9. You now have the option to have DU meter visible on your task bar.

10. To access the user options, right click on the DU meter icon in the task bar and click on User Options.

11. The traffic monitor window tab allows you to choose some of the cosmetics of the monitor window.

12. Likewise, the traffic monitor graph tab also allows the appearance to be customised to your preference.

13. This is the graph that is displayed on your desktop, it updates in real time and displays the network activity. 

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