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Email setup guide for Android devices

This guide outlines the steps necessary to setup an email account on an Android device.

1. Firstly, open the "Email" app.

2. You will then be asked to select the type of email account. Select "Other email account".

3. Enter the email address and password on the next two screens and then select "MANUAL SETUP" at the bottom left of the screen.

4. Select IMAP, or POP3 if you would prefer to use this type, as the account type.

5. You will then be asked to enter the incoming mail settings. The settings required are in the image below, although the username will be the email address you're setting up and the IMAP/POP3 server will be "mail." and then the domain after the "@" symbol in the email address.

6. The next screen will be the outgoing settings. The setting can be seen in the below image and the SMTP server will be the same as the IMAP/POP3 server.

7. The next few screens will offer options for personalisation, select and fill out the information as appropriate and the email setup will be complete.

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