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Billion - 7700N - ADSL - NAT

In this Article we will show you how to Set up and Configure your Billion 7700N Router.

1. First you need to connect your Router, and turn it on. (Refer to the Instruction Booklet provided with the Router for help on how to do this.)

If you prefer to use a Wireless connection to your Router then complete the following steps. If you prefer to use a cabled connection skip ahead to step 5.

2. Wait for green light on Wi-Fi button on the front to come on.

3. Connect to wireless network name as printed on the card which was supplied with the Router. It will also be printed on the bottom of the Router.

4. Enter Wireless password as shown on the card/bottom of the Router. The Wireless Key is also Case Sensitive.

5. Open your Internet Browser and type in in the address bar. You should now be asked to login in with a Username and Password. The correct details are…
Username - admin
Password - admin
This will log you into the Billion 7700N Routers interface.

7. To begin configuring the Router, Click on Quick Start which is within the list on the left hand side of the screen. This will ask you to enter some details. Ensure the VPI/VCI is set to 0/38, the Link Type is PPPoA and the Encapsulation Mode is VC/MUX.

8. Once completed, click on the Advanced setup which is located in the list on the left hand side of the screen.

9. This is where you enter the Broadband Username and Password. Just click on Edit to get to the next step.

10. Type in your Broadband Username and Password, make sure the Authentication mode is set to AUTO and that the Firewall is Enabled.

11. Continue through the next step until you see a summary of all the details you have entered. It's a good idea to look through these just to check if they are all correct. Just click on Apply/Save.

Your Router will now be configured correctly and your Internet will be connected.

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