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2wire - 2700HGV - ADSL - NAT

1. Connect device to power, phone line and turn on.

2. Either connect using ethernet or wireless, if wireless, connect to the network name. This is usually printed on a card/bottom of router that comes with the router and if originally a BT router, will be "BTBusinessHub-xxx".

3. You'll need to enter the WEP key as printed on the card/bottom of router to connect.

4. To then configure your router, open your browser and goto http://home/ or

5. Once the page has opened, you will then need to manually go to http://home/xslt?PAGE=HURL13 or to configure the login details.

Enter your details and the system password. If you are unsure on the system password, this is normally the serial number of the device if unset.

Your username and password are contained in your welcome email and the username is usually identified by a suffix.

6. Once you are complete, do not close the browser as advised by the on-screen prompt but instead go to http://home/ or and you will then be able to see if the service is connected by clicking on the broadband icon.

7. To check there is a connection, click Settings > Broadband > Status. The page will show the status for the link to the exchange (DSL Link) and the connection to us (Internet).

The status page will confirm the username currently connected as well as the IP address, gateway and DNS servers assigned.

8. As this device is typically distributed by BT in the UK, there are specific features that should be disabled when used with other providers. These can be found under the Services tab.

To disable Fusion, ensure that both check boxes shown below are removed and then click save. If you are connected via wireless, there will be a temporary disconnection whilst this change is made but ensure you do not uncheck the single checkbox under the Security heading.

9. You will now want to disable Openzone to prevent your connection being used by unknown third parties.

Click the disable button as shown on the page below to complete disable this feature.

10. We would also recommend changing the default SSID and security key for your wireless network.

11. The 2wire router also gives detailed statistics on the line that it is currently connected to. You may need this information when contacting our support team and a glimpse of that page is shown below.

No official support is provided for this router due to being supplied by another ISP. We would only recommend purchasing one if you are confident that you will be able to diagnose any technical issues that may arise.

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